Professor Kazuaki Negishi, Heart Foundation-funded researcher, is on the verge of a breakthrough; his work could deliver a more effective treatment to remove blood clots immediately after a heart attack.

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In this new treatment, a heart attack 
patient receives an injection of a 
blood clot-dissolving drug. 

At the same time, contrasting agents (a substance that improves the visibility of structures or fluids during medical imaging) are added to their bloodstream, allowing x-rays and other imagining tools to more clearly see what is happening in their body.

Early research shows this treatment delivers a 3 X improvement in patient outcomes when compared with treatment by medications alone.

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When you have a heart attack time is critical. The longer you wait to get treatment, the more heart tissue is damaged.

This new treatment could help people who can’t get to hospital quickly after their heart attack.

Early intervention can save lives.

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Today, tomorrow and every day, 20 Australians die from a heart attack.

Luke is one of the thousands of Australians who experience a heart attack each year; getting early treatment is the key to restoring blood flow to their heart and their recovery and survival.

The new treatment involves injecting 
a blood clot-dissolving drug while performing an ultrasound, as well as administering contrast agents’.  
These are substances that temporarily change the way x-rays or other imaging tools interact with the body.

This may enhance the likelihood 
that the heart tissue will respond 
to the medication.

Early findings show this can dissolve clots with much higher success – up to three times – than the drug treatment alone.